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STEP 2: Please select a membership level
Professional Member ($50/yr) – Professional Members are researchers or clinicians directly involved with ASD research who hold a graduate degree and/or are licensed/certified professionals.
Affiliate Member ($30/yr) – Affiliate Members are other professionals (licensed, certified, or otherwise) not involved with ASD-related research.
Student/Trainee Member ($20/yr) – Student/Trainee Members are individuals enrolled in a graduate or post-graduate program involving ASD research at an accredited university..
*All dues are tax deductable
If application is mailed, please include a check or money order payable to: Bay Area Autism Consortium.
STEP 3: Check the box to agree to support the mission of the BAAC.
Mission Statement: To improve the lives of people with autism spectrum disorders and their families by advancing the knowledge, understanding, and treatment of autism spectrum disorders by fostering collaborative research among researchers and care providers.
I agree to support the mission of the Bay Area Autism Consortium.
STEP4: BAAC members are encouraged to participate in the activities of the organization. Please select two (2) committees using "1" for most preferred and "2" for a second choice.
Committee Example activities
Research Strategize collaborative research projects; create summmaries of pertinent research to distribute to membership; develop and strengthern relationships with other Bay Area institutions.
Membership Review and revise membership policies as needed; develop ideas for outreach to new members.
Education Create content for the BAAC website and/or newsletters; plan the annual symposium; organize in-services to community agencies.
Finance Work with the Development Coordinator in implementing fundraising strategies.
STEP5: Submit your application.